Alachua County Agriculture and Equestrian Center

category: Equestrian facility, Association or organization, Country club, Horseback riding service
address: 23100 W Newberry Rd, Newberry, FL 32669, United States
Phone: +1 352-472-6758
Monday8 AM–4 PM
Tuesday8 AM–4 PM
Wednesday8 AM–4 PM
Thursday8 AM–4 PM
Friday8 AM–4 PM

rayting: 4.5
services: Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance,

Name: K*********
Date: 2023-12-17 12:03:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Great personal experience.

Name: C***** W*****
Date: 2023-11-11 15:03:06
Rating: 5
Comment: We took a pig in today to be tagged. Great work by a friendly and efficient team of volunteers. Our thanks go out to them for the part they freely play in the development of our children.

Name: W***** W****
Date: 2023-08-26 23:47:26
Rating: 5
Comment: If you like horses. Ridem cowboy , nice place to watch horse shows.
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Name: C*****
Date: 2023-07-22 20:41:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful facility

Name: K**** R****
Date: 2023-06-25 18:32:54
Rating: 5
Comment: I saw the Royal Horses here. They were beautiful and so graceful. Their trainers were remarkable and the various performances were fantastic!The show was fantastic!I look forward to coming here for other events.The pavillion was clean and comfortable!Restrooms were conveniently located and well maintained.Parking was easy.

Name: T*** B*****
Date: 2023-06-02 17:05:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Really nice facility where weve enjoyed watching several horse shows.

Name: N**** G
Date: 2023-05-21 20:42:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful facility for horse shows.

Name: C**** K*** J*
Date: 2023-03-08 21:25:22
Rating: 4
Comment: Great Experience!!

Name: J*** H******
Date: 2023-03-08 01:43:39
Rating: 5
Comment: I took my ten-year-old on his field trip here on Monday March 6th. It was really cool had a lot of animals to see and interact with. 4H and FFA folks ran it. I would go back any day!!

Name: T***** W*
Date: 2023-01-28 22:34:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Bbq & Beacon was a great event this weekend! Cant wait till next year.

Name: J***** M*****
Date: 2023-01-28 21:48:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice place to come hang out and support the local businesses and community 😀

Name: J**** R****
Date: 2023-01-28 17:48:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Attended the BBQ & Bacon Festival there, and it is a very nice facility.

Name: R**** T*****
Date: 2022-12-22 18:22:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Our kennel club holds its annual dog show at this location. The people we work with are pleasant and helpful. The grounds are well kept.

Name: J** C*******
Date: 2022-12-13 14:00:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Well marked. Easy to get around. Clean

Name: R***** W*************
Date: 2022-12-11 07:09:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Great venue for a dog show or equestrian event. Could use more parking, especially handicapped parking.

Name: L**** C******
Date: 2022-11-04 20:28:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Early voting

Name: S**** T*******
Date: 2022-10-18 13:36:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Participated in the Bits and Spurs 4H yardsale event. Facilities were adequate and the 4H crew was spot on with their supervision of the crowd. Public turnout was OK, but I still believe you have to advertise beyond social media outlets to be successful. Would probably participate again.

Name: R*** L****
Date: 2022-10-06 12:39:20
Rating: 5
Comment: Over having this in our backyard!

Name: N******** L***
Date: 2022-09-27 23:19:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Very nice facility for horse shows.

Name: C**** J******
Date: 2022-08-20 00:21:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Great placeVery, clean and pleasant.

Name: D**** C*********
Date: 2022-05-30 23:36:58
Rating: 4
Comment: Very good food

Name: M* C******* D*******
Date: 2022-05-16 13:53:44
Rating: 5
Comment: GALA OF THE ROYAL HORSES. I have never been around horses and definitely not a horse show. It was super cool. The best part was the educational information given about each horse and the detail info that goes into training the horses. And oh my! They were beautiful. I didnt realize that Arabians were so small.

Name: V**** Y*****
Date: 2022-05-10 20:03:46
Rating: 4
Comment: Much improved from the last time I was there.

Name: S***** S*****
Date: 2022-04-30 18:13:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Loved this place. Need a week to enjoy it.

Name: L**** C******
Date: 2022-04-15 22:47:05
Rating: 4
Comment: Good, clean

Name: V*** C*****
Date: 2022-03-30 11:56:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Always a wonderful place to visit. Nice setup.

Name: W****** B*****
Date: 2022-03-23 17:55:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome new facility.

Name: d**** k****
Date: 2022-03-10 21:26:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice event center.

Name: A****
Date: 2022-03-08 12:03:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Very well organized. Good looking animals. Very educational or kids.

Name: B**** T******
Date: 2022-03-07 17:14:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Had a amazing time. My daughter is in 4H. And she entered her chickens and she won GRAND CHAMPION.. I love how kind the people at this place are.. Excellent place to go if you love animals I highly recommend it go have fun

Name: S**** A*****
Date: 2022-02-12 20:44:27
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice facility for a horse show.

Name: P****** B****
Date: 2022-02-03 15:16:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Fun , clean and the event was very organized

Name: M**** F******* A****
Date: 2021-12-21 12:19:26
Rating: 4
Comment: Nice place

Name: J*** C******
Date: 2021-12-10 22:03:55
Rating: 5
Comment: There for a dog show. Nice area

Name: K** P*****
Date: 2021-11-15 20:59:25
Rating: 5
Comment: We went to register our pig for the March livestock fair. Was easy and really nice facility.

Name: D*** F*****
Date: 2021-10-15 15:37:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful Atmosphere!

Name: A** M******
Date: 2021-05-02 11:44:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful facility. Convenient camping spots for the eventers

Name: K****** R*** N*********
Date: 2021-04-28 19:03:20
Rating: 5
Comment: The stalls had mats and were level, the concrete aprons looked newly paved, we enjoyed having the arena in such close proximity to the barns..esp when the rain hit. New bath house. Only complaint is bath house door was not disability access..HEAVY and no place to dispose hand towels after opening door to keep hands sanitary. Unfortunately our show in April they had laid sod..bit there was terrible dangerous netting all throughout grass areas. Everyone young and old tripped one lady broke her leg and it posed numerous hazards for the horses moving through. Had there not been the netting issue it would have been perfect!

Name: P** B******
Date: 2021-03-11 01:10:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Clean bathrooms, clean grounds, spacious, polite staff

Name: V***** S*****
Date: 2021-03-08 20:17:08
Rating: 5
Comment: Out here working.They have it looking good!!

Name: A****** N
Date: 2020-03-13 04:04:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Good location. Went to the spirit of the horse show at Christmas time. The grounds were well maintained, traffic was directed well, directions were clear.

Name: S**** N******
Date: 2020-02-17 17:49:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Lovely facility

Name: D**** D***
Date: 2020-01-04 21:51:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Went to my first dressage horse show with a friend who rode; she explained what was happening. Very interesting. The large covered arena was clean & well lit, the seats were good (for stadium seats), lots of parking, not very many people in the stands. Free. After exiting Newberry Rd take the 1st right to areana parking & entrance.

Name: H****** B****
Date: 2019-12-17 14:47:59
Rating: 4
Comment: I look forward to seeing even more events here and what renovations they have planned for Summer 2020.

Name: G******* S*****
Date: 2019-12-14 13:16:06
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful show!

Name: S***** H******
Date: 2019-12-07 03:12:21
Rating: 5
Comment: The show was amazing!

Name: T******
Date: 2019-06-26 01:14:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice grounds, well kept!

Name: S**** B****
Date: 2019-06-09 18:22:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place to show horses

Name: V****** V****
Date: 2019-05-09 10:18:52
Rating: 4
Comment: Wish the speakers were better quality, impossible to hear anything! Other than that, love this place.

Name: J****** P***
Date: 2019-04-15 21:29:48
Rating: 5
Comment: Fun place

Name: A***** W****
Date: 2019-04-14 17:22:33
Rating: 5
Comment: All sites are close to the horses and stables

Name: J*** M*****
Date: 2019-04-06 19:05:03
Rating: 4
Comment: Foretravel what a great show

Name: S**** m*** M*******
Date: 2019-04-03 12:47:39
Rating: 5
Comment: I love going there

Name: D****** W*****
Date: 2019-03-31 13:19:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Very beautiful place. Nice stalls. Big arena. Very well maintained

Name: S**** N****
Date: 2019-03-28 00:43:13
Rating: 5
Comment: We show here frequently and really like the show grounds.

Name: A**** G******
Date: 2019-03-24 19:37:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Enjoyed watching my niece at her dog show. Many beautiful breeds on display.

Name: D***** R***
Date: 2019-03-24 10:10:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice place for a dog show. In fact we finished our boys championship there!The club did a great job, loved the flamingos!

Name: D*** M****
Date: 2019-03-23 19:08:48
Rating: 4
Comment: Clean, well stocked restrooms

Name: T*** G******
Date: 2019-03-16 20:40:09
Rating: 4
Comment: Excellent

Name: H****** G******
Date: 2019-03-05 16:26:03
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome place. In our back yard, sort of speak.

Name: A**
Date: 2019-02-04 18:01:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Great experience!

Name: M**** M****
Date: 2019-02-03 20:23:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Great facility, watch for upgrades as the Alachua County Equestrian Center takes shape - such a great addition to the community!

Name: F******* M********
Date: 2019-01-20 14:54:38
Rating: 4
Comment: Went to see Alycia Burton and the facility was nice however signage to find where you need to go is seriously confusing.

Name: G*** S*
Date: 2018-12-16 17:17:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Super indoor arena, nice stalls.. and its always a pleasure to photograph horses and Riders there.

Name: T**** D****
Date: 2018-10-21 18:32:58
Rating: 5
Comment: We took my grandson there to a boo party at the farms

Name: M****** P******
Date: 2018-10-13 14:33:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Great horse show facility

Name: H****** T*****
Date: 2018-05-22 20:39:21
Rating: 4
Comment: Nice but it would be better if they had an ATM

Name: J*** M******
Date: 2018-03-24 18:39:51
Rating: 4
Comment: Covered arena was nice place for dogShow. Packed flooring of dirt was better than cement.

Name: G*** R****
Date: 2018-03-07 18:38:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Good place to visit to see some equine shows

Name: B****** S**********
Date: 2018-03-01 01:49:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Great facility

Name: A**** H****
Date: 2018-02-02 03:37:34
Rating: 5
Comment: I love this show grounds. The barns are very centeral to everything. Plenty of warm-up areas and nice footing in all the arenas.

Name: J*** E****
Date: 2018-01-06 21:06:09
Rating: 4
Comment: Good place for English riding competitions... dressage.

Name: B****** G*******
Date: 2017-05-19 17:02:58
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent